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The Non-Conformist Cocktail

Updated: Jan 24

Unlike most if not all of her female peers, Eileen Gray insisted on going it alone. It is difficult for us to fully comprehend today how radical this was. At that time living alone was considered scandalous, not to mention running a business and openly dating men and women. Although she had friends, suitors and mentors she never truly collaborated with anyone or even aligned herself with any particular movement.Did you miss the post on Eileen Gray?

Eileen Gray lived life according to her own rules and paid a price for that. Happiest living by herself and for herself, this cocktail is dedicated to all those who eschew the conventional path in search of the freedom to pursue their unique vision.

Inspired by one of her most unconventional designs, (tune in next week for the chair that inspired this cocktail) The Non-Conformist is basically a Negroni, made with Mezcal instead of gin. Sound serious? It is. But this deliciously smokey cocktail is surprisingly smooth and equally at home on a hot day or blustery grey wintery one like today.

Not a fan of Campari? Sorry I can't help you.

The Non-Conformist

•2 oz of Mezcal •1 oz of sweet vermouth •1 oz of Campari •1/2 oz of lime juice Chill a coupe by filling it with ice water. In the meantime, pour ingredients into a mixing glass filled with ice and stir to chill. Pour the chilled cocktail into the (empty) coupe. Garnish with either a lime wedge or a lemon twist.

A note about Mezcal

Some might call this spirit, the Mexican version of Scotch. Others might call it liquid beef jerky. No matter what you call it- it's delish and you should make sure to always have some on hand. Like Scotch, it has a strong, smokey flavor and is typically sipped on its own. But it's also great as a float on top cocktails, adding a smokey note to your favorite summertime drink.


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