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The Champagne Cocktail- always stylish always delicious.

Paris and Champagne just seem to go together like well, gin and tonic, so of course we selected a Champagne cocktail to pair with Parisian architect Pierre Chareau.With its gorgeous golden color and delightful bubbles, what else would you drink while reading about Pierre Chareau's Parisian masterpiece, La Maison de Verre. Thirsty for More about Pierre Chareau or La Maison de Verre? Check it out here.

It's so simple to make one would think it impossible to mess up, and yet I've had many disgusting Champagne cocktails made with simple syrup. The key to this easy cocktail is the sugar cube. Do not listen to other cocktail sources claiming the cocktail will taste the same with simple syrup. It will not. It will taste like a sugary, syrupy mess. If you don't have a sugar cube make a French 75 and while you're at it read about another French modernist Charlotte Perriand.

Champagne Cocktail

Soak a sugar cube in Agostura bitters. Place the sugar cube in a coupe or flute. Pour Champagne over the cube. Enjoy. That's really all there is to it.

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