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Milk Punch. A deliciously boozy way to make it through your 99th viewing of "Love Actually."

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

So the holiday season is upon us, and with it lots of Hallmark movies and Nancy Meyers ROMCOMS. Some boozy milk punch is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon curled up on the couch watching your favorite holiday movie. It's almost as wholesome as Jimmy Stewart. Despite this, it truly is delicious and not as rich as the nog of the egg. (Plus let's face it, egg nog is usually pretty gross.) And it's easy to make. But it does need to sit overnight, so plan accordingly. Although I also show it in a gorgeous MCM punch bowl, we make it in a glass pitcher to store in the refrigerator over night. Did you miss the post on the ROMCOM kitchen?
  • 1 qt. low fat or skim milk

  • 2 cups light creme

  • 1 cup brandy

  • 3/4 cup dark rum

  • 1/4 cup super fine sugar

Stir ingredients together in a large glass container, making sure that sugar is completely dissolved. Let site for a minimum of 6 hours. Before serving grate fresh nutmeg over each glass. Don't skip this step, nutmeg is critical to this very simple beverage.


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