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Celebrate the extraordinary life of Josephine Baker with a Barbotage.

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

What better way to celebrate the effervescent performer and French resistance fighter than with this subtly orange flavored champagne cocktail with a powerful kick.

Sacrilege you say-Ms. Baker has a signature cocktail-the Josephine Baker, which was invented at famed Havannah nightclub El Floradita in the thirties. Nobody wants to drink an egg flip in 80 degree weather with 75% humidity. I promise that come cooler weather we will present the recipe for the Josephine Baker.

Originally meant as a hangover cure, the Barbotagel is similar in flavor to a Mimosa, except all the orange flavor comes from booze. Hello! Containing both Cognac and Grand Marnier, this sensational looking cocktail is dangerous,perfect to toast the courageous Black entertainer who smuggled information to the allies written in invisible ink during WWII. (Did you miss the story of Josephine Baker? Read all about this modernist muse here ) The Barbotage

1/2 oz Cognac 1tsp. Grand Marnier

4 oz Brut Champagne Pour Cognac and Grand Marnier into a coupe and top with cold Champagne. Garnish with either orange or lemon peel and get ready to read all about the extraordinary Ms. Josephine Baker.


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