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The Montenegro Spritz-how else would you toast the dancer from Montenegro who captured FLW's heart?

For a cocktail inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's third wife, Olgivanna, Amaro Montenegro was the obvious choice. Born in Montenegro, Olga Ivanovna Hinzenberg was a stunning 25 year old modern dancer when she met Frank Lloyd Wright, 57, at the ballet. (She was also married)

She was a polarizing figure who was hated by many but worshipped by Frank Lloyd Wright's loyal acolytes. For the 31 years of their marriage and another 25 after FLW died, she reigned supreme over the Taliesin Fellowship, Frank Lloyd Wright's office and apprenticeship program. Everyone who worked for FLW was expected to live communally with the Wrights at Taliesin and Taliesin West. Life at both Taliesens was highly structured with formal dinners every Saturday night with music and dancing and lectures every Sunday morning. Favoring Pucci dresses, and expensive jewlery, Olgivanna was incredibly glamorous and ruthless. Wives of employees would find themselves serving rather than sitting at the table if they displeased her. With it's sparkling base and bitter top notes, the Montenegro Spritz is as glamorous and unusual as this complicated woman who inspired this week's cocktail.

Thirsty for more? Read all about her here.

Montenegro Spritz With just two ingredients (or three if you weant to make it less strong) it's the perfect fall reply to summer's Aperol spritz as well as the perfect Friday Night Aperitivo. Fill a coupe or wine glass with ice.

Fill 3/4 with Champers/Prosecco or whatever is your bubbly of choice.

Add a 1/2 oz. of Amarao Montenegro. If you're a light weight (no judgement here) fill the glass half way with soda and add a float of bubbly at the top and then add your glug of Amaro Montenegro. Technically you should garnish this spritz with olives and lemon peel. But like any spritz, lemon twist, orange or grapefruit segments all work.

For a non-alcoholic version substitute non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider for the Champagne.


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