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the bauhausler - party like it's 1919

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

This delicious and refreshing punch has a Manhattan-like flavor with a little less alcohol. More like a mallet than a hammer. Unlike most punches it's not overly sweet, relying on the natural sweetness of bourbon with a little hit of Falernum syrup. Bourbon in a German inspired cocktail you ask? Well hold onto your horses- this punch get its fizz from a healthy dose of German lager. Part frat-boy kegger part urban sophisticate it's the perfect crowd pleaser for a bunch of crazy art students in tin foil hats. Although designed as a punch we've included a single serving version as well.


6 cups of Bavarian style lager, we like Modernism from Schilling in Littleton NH 2 cups of bourbon

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/4 cup Falernum syrup

about 12 or more dashes of black walnut bitters

Combine the ingredients in a large pitcher and stir to combine and pour into a heavily iced punch bowl. Serve with a rosemary sprig. For a richer, warmer version use an amber beer instead of a lager.

For a single serving

start with 1/2 bottle (or can) of cold lager combined with 1-1/2 oz of bourbon.

Start with 1/2 t of Falernum- its is very sweet and 1 t fresh lemon juice and top with black walnut bitters. Keep tweaking it to your liking with more Falernum if you need it sweeter or more beer to make it lighter but keep the ratios at 3 lager 1 bourbon and 1/4 falernum and lemon.

Once you've got your drink crafted to perfection, make your self a paper clip necklace and read about the design school that inspired it here.


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