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Sunday mornin' comin' down-the perfect recovery drink for a scandalous Saturday night

This recipe by Kim Severson comes from the book "Cook Fight" by Kim Severson and Julia Moskin. Maybe your Saturday was a little too scandalous, maybe you're already getting ready for the week ahead, or maybe you're just sober curious. Whatever the reason- this drink is pure heaven on a hot day. It takes a little effort but it's worth it.

Kim Severson's Mint and Cucumber Soda is as follows:

1 cup sliced and peeled English Cucumber ( use a seedless if you can't get English)

1/4 cup tightly packed fresh mint leaves

juice of two limes

2/3 T mint simple syrup

Kim says to mash/muddle all the ingredients in a shaker and shake and then strain into a glass with ice and top with soda and more simple syrup to taste. I like to puree a peeled English cucumber adn then strain it and then combine it with the lime juice, and minted simple syrup. I used shaved ice and then pour this delcious elixir over the shaved ice and top with a tough moresimple syryp and garnish with a fresh mint sprig from the garden. Also it would be sinfully delicious with a splash of vodka or gin.

A special thank you to Mr. Dave Aaronoff who introduced us to the unbelievably beautiful "Sunday Mornin' Comin Down" by Mr. Kris Kristofferson.


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